Just One More

Conrad was once challenged to describe his ministry briefly. He responds with his starfish story. With each person he reaches he asks the question, "is there one more?"

Against All Odds

As a child, Conrad was abandoned, beaten and rejected. He ran away, vowing that no one would have that kind of control over him ever again. But after three decades of drug dealing and prison, he turned himself in. He said to God, if you want to do something with me, have at it. The Lord took that opportunity, and made Conrad an urban minister and an addiction counselor. After years of faithful service to the throwaway kids of the world, he lost funding for his ministry. Then an unfortunate accident sends him into a downward spiral. This time it was not of his own making, but the relentless attack of his unseen enemy. This is his story, in ten minute segments. Take your time, and return as you are ready.

God's Word

Conrad understands and explains the word of God as a person who lived a life of service on the front line of urban ministry.

Contact Us

Our dear friend Conrad passed away in 2021, but his ministry continues. Please add your email here to learn how you can help him get just one more.